Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I9000XXJVT+Semaphore+Battery %

I would like to show you the best performance and most stable ever been on Android Galaxy S.

What should I do?

1. What you need to do is flash your Galaxy S with stock I9000XXJVT
2. Flash latest semaphore . At the end of this process you will have ROOTED ROM, Recovery Mode and performance enhancement.

3. Install ODEX theme for your rooted I9000XXJVT via Recovery (Volume UP+Home+Power).

Downloads ODEX:
- Klick: JVT-ODEX-BatMod-ExtPowMen.zip | with original Glass Lock from Samsung
- Klick: JVT-ODEX-BatMod-ExtPowMen-AOSPLock.zip | with AOSP Lockscreen
- Klick: JVT-ODEX-BatMod-ExtPowMen-ClearGlassLock.zip | With Clear Glass Lock

Download ZIP file above and copy to your SD Card and install via recovery mode.
Note: CWM Manager available inside semaphore.

4. DONE.

This is what you will get.
AOSP lock screen
Extended Power Menu
Battery % on the status bar

Note: This is the longest time I used the phone without flashing....waiting for stable DarkyROM RE.


  1. So... hows the performance of stock JVT so far? ..and what about the battery life? Convincing enuf? hehe

  2. Smooth and stable. Tweeter,fb,youtube,phonecall,browser in one charge for 8-10hours. Slow battery drain...

  3. Ahmet5:12 AM

    Salaamun Aleykum from Turkey.

    I have used "JVT + Semaphore + Blue Theme" combination for two weeks exactly. I saw 4 Phone FCs totally until now.

    I changed the theme to "JVT-ODEX-BatMod-ExtPowMen" since I didn't like AOSP lock screen (no music control, no message and call display etc.).
    But, I think there are still some parts of Blue Theme on my device (when I pull down the status bar, launcher colour are all blue seen). I had not done any Wipes before installing the new theme. Is this situation a problem??? I think it is not a problem, but I really wonder that; will it cause any problems (FCs etc.).

    By the way, thanks a lot for this useful blog!!!

  4. So far i had no phone FC.i did factory reset after flash stock

  5. Pokcik,
    Masuk thunderbolt script bg bdesup skt!

  6. camne nk factory reset ek pakcik JJ?

  7. 2 ways to factory reset:

    1. Recovery mode. Select factory reset menu
    2. Settings>Privacy>Factory data reset
    -Format USB storage
    -[Reset phone]

    You phone is new. Clean. No apps and data.

  8. Hi
    I used JVT-ODEX-BatMod-ExtPowMen.zip theme and is working fine!

    I like the screen off effect too!

  9. Hi!

    I used your tutorial on how to install i9000 XXJVT (with help of a friend and his Windows laptop) and I love the result.

    However, you're talking a lot about Semaphore here and I keep wondering if I should install this? Because although my sgs works better, I still don't think I'm getting the most out of it. (FC - lags - wifi problems - slooooow facebook)
    And ofcourse I like the battery percentages idea :)

    My problem here is that I own a Mac! Google-ing and checking out forums gave me the idea that it's possible to root with a Mac, but is this what I should be doing? I'm just not sure!

    The reason I ask is because I don't want to be depending on my friend all the time. If i'm going to root I want to know what I'm doing, I want to learn! And offcourse you want to have control with your own computer.

    So, can you help me with this? Would appreciate it a lot if you could help me out in the right direction. Cause you seem like a Samsung smartphone god to me!

    Hope to hear something soon :D

  10. Ivo,

    Is it possible to install virtual machine on your mac?

    So far I dont come accross any root software that run on mac.

    semaphore is good in enhancing the phone performance.

  11. Hi Jamaine,

    Thanks for the response.
    Running virtual is ofcourse an option, but it would be easier without the switching.

    I came across this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMxp1Dw9bu8
    It shows how to install all the stuff manually - But it's for a Fascinate (wich isn't the same as a SGS i read on wiki)

    Do you think it is, as a 'newbie', do-able to do something like that? Or do you think getting virtual and taking all the effort to just do it via odin is better?

    Overall, is rooting the only way to get Semaphore running?

    Thanx again for your help

  12. Hi ... pls can u upload XXJVT [i dunno whether im on odex or deodex or not :( ] JVT-ODEX-BatMod-ExtPowMen.zip

    and a tut how to installit ... can it be install it on darkcore kernel ? XXJVT ?

    pls reply me

    1. no use im getting bootlopps ? :( fu** me :(

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