Wednesday, October 05, 2011

JVS Stock + Semaphore 1.7.5bm battery

This is Semaphore 1.7.5 Big Memory battery usage

20 hours battery usage. 47% left

Most of the time use for Short phone call, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Email and Internet. Running on WiFi. Even though my 3G is on.

Use 3G while on the move only. Reading Email, News, Twitter and FB while waiting for the traffic light :)

Nice battery reminder.

How to install Semaphore 1.7.5? Click here

Download Semaphore 1.7.5bm...


  1. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Tuan, maknanya semaphore with big mem (bm) is better than without bm in term of battery life? :)


  2. Yes. This is base on my observation as well. Semaphore 1.8.0 coming..currently in beta..not for normal user...

    kalau tak bising kenapa itu, kenapa ini... hehehehe..beta maaa :)

  3. TQ... Saya sering mengikuti blog anda sebagai rujukan. so many useful stuff. Keep up your good work :)

  4. tq.. and keep smiling :)