Thursday, October 06, 2011

How to root Android 2.3.5 I9000XXJVT

How to root Android 2.3.5 I9000XXJVT?

1. Download ODIN Since you are coming from stock.SGS Kernel Flasher cannot be used.
2. Download semaphore JVT 1.8.1bm [Get latest Semaphore here]
3. Run ODIN
4. Click on [PDA] and select Semaphore downloaded earlier (step 2)
Note: Do not check re-partition. Set your phone to Download Mode (Home+Volume Down+Power button). Connect to USB cable.

5. Click [Start]. Sit back and relax.
 You will see this screen when you are DONE. Green PASS

CWM+Semaphore(Script Manager)+Superuser+Tweaks will be installed.
No more Samsung sound on boot-up....

Note: Now you can use shootme, since you have root permission
Check out your phone about for confirmation :)

Note: You will have same stability as JVS

But still no battery percentage...........I show you how after the break.

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  1. is this semaphore kernel come with lagfix?

  2. no lagfix. not required. fast enough :)

  3. You may try this, if you would like to enable lagfix. I'm not testing it yet.

  4. I mean not testing the same technique on JVT.

  5. thanks...i give it a try..right now im using XXJVS + darkcore + tho but sometimes black screen crash and hold power button to restart..

  6. so far stock+semaphore is the most stable.. more near to stock is..root using hack..plain root :)

  7. me completed flash new rom and root with semaphore.
    plus i try to install EXT4 and convert rfs to ext4..
    success!!! much more faster respond on every touch...

  8. note: converting rfs to ext4 using EXT4 can be perfectly done right after root+new rom. It may give failure if many apps and games installed

  9. yes. converting ext4 with not enough memory. delete some apps before converting to ext4.

    check out here for tips

  10. This Is Donny2:38 AM

    Great guide dude, I've done the root, how would I un-root? (for when I give the phone to a friend)

    Also, I've noticed when doing a couple of things my phone may just restart, is there a set up using semaphore that would solve that?

  11. Just install stock rom and do factory reset. Your friend will have clean phone just like new from samsung.

  12. Is this an official update for kernel.? It's not like a beta version?
    Why are there 2 separate download files.?

  13. Hi!
    I installed Semaphore JVT 1.9.0bm as u mentioned!
    But i have only semaphore icon in my app stack.

    NO Super user, CWM or TWEAKS!

    I Tried several times but no luck

    Please help!!

    Galaxy S (I9000XXJVT)

  14. This matter is downcast to earth, hats off buds out there.


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