Thursday, October 06, 2011

New Firmware coming I9000XXJVT

New firmware coming to SGS user. I9000XXJVT Android 2.3.5 Build Date Sep 29 ready for download.
Note: Wow! Samsung-updates site had exceed limit. Lucky me...I'm done. :). 
  • I'm uploading it to dropbox in case you need it.
  • I'm using Dropbox to share file. FREE 2GB space. 

What's new (for the moment):
  • blue over-glow effect
  • endless scrolling app menu
  • endless scrolling home screen menu
  • App are installing faster.Something is different with this firmware it's definitely faster.Apps are loading faster.
  • Start market couple of times and it will update itself to the latest version.
  • One thing to add is that JVT has the best modem ever, phone signal has been full
  • No WiFi bugs
  • RAM= 336 mo

Bad news
  • APN Setting GONE
  • Someone report there is phone Force Close (FC)

Flash using 3 files (ODIN): 

How to flash it? After the break......

Note: While downloading get your phone battery 100% charge and all your data backup to your PC or cloud...
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  1. Anonymous11:45 AM

    "APN Setting GONE" what does this means..apn setting is not visible??

  2. Anonymous4:48 PM

    I'm getting force close on phone application quite often...

  3. have you clear everything after flash? factory reset, dalvik and cache..

    I hv phone FC when using earphone..but sometime..

    with far no phone FC even when using earphone