Friday, October 07, 2011

APN setting using APN Manager

After flashing new ROM, most of the time, your APN will be deleted. You will not be able to browse internet if you turn off your WiFi (to test your APN). Means your mobile will not be able to connect via 3G/2G network. No worry....check out steps below for our Malaysian friends :)

Use APN Manager to backup and restore your APN setting. Download here. FREE from

Download APN setting here
  1. Maxis Malaysia
  2. Celcom Malaysia (Thanks to Azam Azimi
Extract ZIP file and copy the folder and "ApnBackup.xml" file into your phone SD card.

Note:You are welcome to submit your "ApnBackup.xml" to Please stated telco name. Tq

Run APN Manager. Click on [Backup & Restore]
Click [Restore]. APN Manager will restore your APN Setting.
Note: It's takes 3-5 minutes to load. Please wait.....

For Maxis. Once DONE you should have something like this. Hope this would help you. You don't have to manually key in the APN setting.

Note: Maxis Malaysia user. To get your APN just call 123, listen to the instruction or key in 121. After a few seconds, Maxis will SMS the APN to your phone. But, it will send Maxis 3G setting only. You will not be able to switch to 2G for battery saving. 
Tested. It works. Thanks Seng Wai


  1. Not sure how this APN Manager can help much. All the time, after I flash new rom, everything is fresh, and i just dial 123, listen to the Maxis operator and press 121. They will send the APN setting right away.

  2. Thanks for the tips. The more the better.. :)

  3. he
    i have download apn manager but i cannot save the setting


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