Friday, October 14, 2011

This week is JVT 2.3.5 stock week with no ROOT

After a few weeks of using custom rom either DarkyROM or JVT stock + semaphore + blue theme, I would like to test out stock I9000XXJVT as it is. By doing so, then I could find out what's wrong in stock rom and hope custom rom could fix it in later stage.

Base on the user review stock JVT 2.3.5 should good enough, smooth and fix the browser lag and wifi problem. I like to use stock as well, the only thing that I really need is battery percentage from stock where in iOS user could configure it, either to show it or not. In android we do not have that option. That why we are going for custom rom, root and custom theme (that's not the only reason).

I know you might ask me why not use battery widget. I hate widget that constantly updating the screen info. Why? Such widget eating battery too much just like Task Killer. They themself need to be in memory to perform the task. Battery widget that frequently asking for battery status and display on screen for sure will dry my battery like crazy.

I'm thinking of cooking my own theme. Battery percentage only for JVT. How about that :)

Here is the kitchen


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  2. Flash addict call original kernel as stock :)

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