Saturday, October 08, 2011

Next I9000XXJVT flash project

My next project to test out nearest to stock as we can and of course we need ROOT.

I9000XXJVT Stock + CF Root 4.3 + Lagfix (optional)

What's new I9000XXJVT Stock (for the moment):

  • blue over-glow effect
  • endless scrolling app menu
  • endless scrolling home screen menu
  • App are installing faster.Something is different with this firmware it's definitely faster.Apps are loading faster.
  • Start market couple of times and it will update itself to the latest version.
  • One thing to add is that JVT has the best modem ever, phone signal has been full
  • No WiFi bugs
  • RAM= 336 mo 

CF Root 4.3
  • Superuser updated to v3.0.2, 
  • "insecure" mode (rooted ADB shell)
  • Going to test quadrand and antutu before and after lagfix
Note: Tested. Lagfix not so good/stable on JVT. Advise not to convert to EXT4. JVT is fast enough.
After a few days. JVT Stock + Semaphore (latest) is still the BEST and STABLE.


  1. Anonymous11:14 PM

    nice blog!!!

  2. How do we Lagfix? xxjvt based voodoo application or cwm does not have Lagfix function!!
    How did you enable lagfix on xxjvt semaphore..??

  3. look for cf-root ext4 need to run it and it will convert to ext4 file format...

  4. continue reading here, related to ext4...