Tuesday, October 11, 2011

NEW. How to install I9000XXJVT DarkyROM RE

How to install NEW I9000XXJVT DarkyROM Base RE
(Thanks to Ficeto+Darky Team+Forum Member)

1. Download XXJVT-RE-I9000.zip
2. Extract ZIP file. You should have these files

3. Run ODIN. I'm using "Odin3 v1.7.exe"
4. Select PIT and PDA. Re-Partition check. See image below

5. Set you phone to download mode (Home+Volumne Down+Power button)
6. Connect USB cable to your phone.Click [Start]. Sit back and relax.

-You will have minimalist android apps installed. Most of the Samsung apps not installed.
-Re-partition mean, all your previous apps will be erased
-To have clean installation. Factory reset and format USB after flash
-Task manager and superuser is not installed. Need to install it separately

You should see this in your Setting>About
Lock screen.
Default page
Application list. Page 1
Application list. Page2. Excluding ShootMe and Superuser (Installed Manually)
Extended Power button menu
Standard phone.

Green menu and green over-glow effect
To enable Task Manager. Download JobManager.apk and install on your phone. OR

Download this complete APK to use with DarkyROM Tool. Extract the ZIP file copy folder to your SD Card.
Look at the folder name "/mnt/sdcard/Darky/uninstalled/sys". It will have all the uninstalled APKs
DarkyROM Tool with selections of files to be installed.
Note: APK will be deleted once installed.

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  1. Anonymous3:07 AM

    I did exactly, but I interrupt wifi ...

  2. I have no WiFi problem.

    Anyway. You may check your setting.

    Setting>Wireless and network>Wi-Fi Settings>Menu Advanced> Wi-Fi sleep policy. set to Never.

  3. Anonymous3:32 AM

    ok I tried many variations, and many ROMs same wifi issue, there are two camps on the planet with WiFi problems and no problems,,,, and found no solution,,,, thanks anyway

  4. Anonymous3:37 AM

    JVS andJVT every minute break wifi, why? Some do not have this problem why? And some give

  5. Have yo check your battery use detail. WiFi keep disconnecting?

    I had tried another method is, make sure your router/modem use the same channel (9/11/13). You need to configure both (modem/router and phone)

  6. WiFi solution related channel



  7. Anonymous8:42 AM

    how to set up (modem / router and phone)? channel (9/11/13)? What do you mean exactly? are beginners just do not know everything, thanks!

  8. If you dont know about it. You need to ask your network admin.

  9. Anonymous6:36 PM

    I am the network administrator, you have to do, or to know? not know where these settings are you referring to, thanks!

  10. Login to your router setup page and look for the wireless channel

  11. how about Free RAM in darky ROM how fast is it ? i just flash EXTRAordinary 4.1 SGSII (JVS-JVT) ROM 2.3.5 what do yu recommend .... i want fast blazing speed with TW 4 n snappy Touch

  12. is it beta or final ?

  13. DarkyROM is smooth and stable. But is still in beta. They going to release OTA version.

    I recommend JVT Stock+latest Semaphore (bm version). The most stable, snappy and good battery life. Near to stock.