Friday, October 14, 2011

andriod.process.acore. Force close

The process andriod.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again . Force close

This problem occur when I tried to create a new contact. After a few investigations (checking my gmail contact limits, corrupt entries in gmail contacts, storage space, account and sync) I find out that it's because of FACEBOOK. When I LOGOUT from facebook then I'm able to create new contact. If I login to Facebook and try to create new contact then then error message occur.

You don't have to uninstall it but just logout. Anyway, it's very-very annoying. Hope facebook or google could fix this problem. Should find an alternative application to facebook such as friencaster for now :)

I'm on stock I9000XXJVT. No root. Clean STOCK.

Edit: Even Friendcaster generate the same error message. Confirm Facebook API causing the error! My final option is, access facebook via browser...mmm

Anyway, new HTML5 facebook looks good on browser :)

New Update related to contact issue: 
  • Friendcaster. Problem
  • Seesmic (Facebook and Twitter) . No problem
  • Tweetdeck. No problem 
Note: It might be due to missing "snsprovider.apk". Thanks to Neobomb Darky Kiwi Moderator tips

"Choose contacts to display" downwards will be blank when the FC happen... Seems like it try to sync with Facebook contacts even though you had disable sync.

Note updated: It might be because of Google+ 2.0. Previous version of Google+ will not cause contact problem.


  1. pokcik,
    saya pon kene perkare yg sama.setelah disiasat,bkn fb,tp google+ la problem!

  2. Anonymous11:53 PM

    Stujuu.. dh uninstall google+ bru ok.. thanks azamunekurone :)

  3. Thanks for another tips from Azam and verify by Anonymous.

    Dear Android Fever friends, Google+ might generate the problem as well.

  4. revert back ke g+ 1.8 setel masalah...

    rugi xbaca blog pokcik dulu sblm revert blk dr custom rom ke stock.xpela,running stock dulu la buat masa ni..hihihi

  5. I replaced the Facebook app with FriendCaster. Same features, fewer headaches. Contact problem cleared right up.

  6. but how do you change anything on mine no quicker have press force close than its back there nothing to open press or anything

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