Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How to roll-back to old market (DarkyROM RE)

I don't like new market. It's slow on my device. How to roll-back to old market?
Follow steps below
1. Run DarkyROM Tool
2. Uninstall "MarketUpdater.apk"

3. Go to Setting>Applications>Manage Applications. Uninstall Updates
Finally you have old version market and will not get updated.


  1. haffiz9:49 AM

    juz wanna ask if i m on jvt+semaphore+miui do i roll back to old i use the same technique as above?

  2. My question.
    MIUI allow darkyrom to be installed and run?

    If yes

    I don not know whether your MIUI version using the old market or not. Using the above technique will stop your current market from update to new version automatically.

    Todo: Remove market updater and download old market from internet.. good luck

  3. salam pokcik,
    maaf le,bkn nk tunjuk pandai cuma saya berkongsi sedikit cara saya restore old market..

    fyi saya tgh running stock JVT+semaphore je.cara saya buat dengan install apps antek app manager (ble buat dgn titanium backup)

    - saya just freezekan market updater
    - lps itu uninstall market update

    tp saya masih ragu,step yg sama ini boleh tak kita buat utk custom rom yakni deodexed version?

  4. Thanks! An easy, effective and working solution. Now I can install apps again. Btw, the old market does not show the $.10 deals, but the original prices in the market. So if someone wants to know, how much the app was before it got reduced to $.10, then give it a search and look in the old market. If you want to purchase an app, you may do so at which shows the discounted prices.

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