Monday, October 10, 2011

NEW I9000XXJVT DarkyROM Base RE+Honeycomb Theme

NEW I9000XXJVT DarkyROM Base RE Honeycomb Theme. Image Teaser. Installation guide after the break..

Notification area.

Extended Power Menu
 USB connection. Battery circle %

 Default applications on 1st page. YouTube with Darky icons is not working. Removed from 1st page.

 Darky RE. Limited apps installed.
 2 pages of application only. Manually install DarkyROM, ShootMe and Superuser
Pop-up selection. Smaller radio button for selected item
 New phone interface
Blue theme
My favorite icons arrangement on the first page...

My second page. As usual my favorite apps arrangement. After flashing I don't have to think hard. Look at them screen shot, install APK from back-up location and arrange them. DONE
 APN available
Select apps to install. Available only after installing "". At the same time, it will removed darky theme and back to stock theme.
Task Manager installed (jobmanager.apk). If you do not install jobmanager.apk, trying to run it will restart your phone.

Antutu benchmark 2817
Quadrant benchmark 2217

Download Honeycomb here.

Edit: Link pointing to my Dropbox. Please create Dropbox account via this link to support my public storage area.

Continue reading here...
[For now. Beginner to SGS flashing please stay away. Really new BETA. Unless you like to read and compiled the DO and DON'Ts]


  1. seems nice!! have u tested the quadrant with EXT4..?? goin to dload this :)

  2. coming soon...will test it and post the image

  3. not bad 2217 :) 1st test rite..? it's been a while not using Darky's :D so i'm goin to test it tonite.. RE is my favorite since 10.1 :D

  4. It's 2nd test. 1st test 19XX..I think shotme fail to capture it..have to re-run.

    You have to wait.Darky RE have a lot of missing system apps. Recover it will removed your darky theme. Wait for the fix from darky team (unless you are ok to use honeycomb theme).

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. so this Honeycomb System ONLY RE can only be flashed over JVT RE..?? am i rite..?

    basically, i'm not using any Darky's rite now' is this ROM different with the previous RE like 10.1/10.2 RE..?? cannot simply flash it via Odin with PIT/PDA/Start procedures..?

    thx in advance :D

  7. ODIN.Re-Partition.with PIT and PDA. means fresh installation. dont care where you coming from.

  8. Tuan, I have been trying to download XXJVT-RE-Honeycomb-SYSTEM-ONLY.tar from but to no success. The connection is tooooo slow. Well, since you have downloaded the file, would be grateful... if you could upload the file to your Dropbox for sharing... and create the link in your blog. Im sure this will be benificial to Darky's communities. Seeking your kind favour :)

  9. The file size it 284MB. Once done. I will provide the dropbox link..

    Please create an account via link below so I could get 250MB free space. TQ

  10. download honeycomb theme above and don't forget to create dropbox account via my link to support my public file storage.tq

  11. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Pokcik..npe lpas install yg nih hp sy blank??

  12. you dari darky rom base RE ke? This is for DarkyROM RE sahaja

  13. I'm now on XXJVT RE(dark core 4.1).Can i directly flash honeycomb theme? or Do i need to flash first?

  14. JVT RE.flash honeycomb directly using sgs kernel flasher or odin.
    No need jvs to jvt.

  15. hi..Im college student, thanks for sharing :)


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