Friday, October 07, 2011

How to install I9000XXJVT theme and battery %

How to install I9000XXJVT Bluetheme and battery %?

  1. Simple. Download this Blue Theme. Copy to your SD card
  2. Boot recovery (Home + Volume UP + Power button)
  3. Select ZIP file to install
  4. Sit back and relax. DONE!
Note: If you like green. Download here...

Now your SGS should have all the blue theme, AOSP lock screen, extended power menu and battery percentage.

What I really need is the battery percentage only. Blue and over-glow is already there in the stock.


  1. How do I flash back to the stock theme??

  2. I cant change the wallpaper!im using green theme provided

  3. Before flashing you should back-up your previous system via recovery (CWM). To go back just restore via recovery. Make this as a habit before flashing. Else you need to re-install the stock via odin again...

    I have no problem changing the wallpaper. Try zedge (available in the android market)

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