Thursday, October 06, 2011

Android 2.3.5 I9000XXJVT screens

Android 2.3.5 I9000XXJVT screens Build Date Sept 29 2011

No WiFi problem.

Default Home page...

Initial Market
Auto update market to new market version
Photo gallery
No battery %

I'm using Screen Capture which ROOT is not required. (I will show you how to ROOT after the break..)
Blue over-glow effect while scrolling up and down

 APN setting cleared. You had to entered it manually or restore using APN Manager. Malaysia Maxis APN setting. Download here... (Extract the ZIP file and copy the folder into your SD Card)
After APN Manager restore. Anybody have Celcom / Digi APN Manager backup? Email me or provide the link..tq

Mass storage connection

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